Hello, my name is Fisun Ercan and I am a chef. I am the owner of the Restaurant Su in Montreal specialized in Turkish/Mediterranean cuisine. I also have a small farm in just outside of Montreal where I grow my vegetables for my restaurant’s use. I’m from Turkey but since I’ve been living in Montreal for the last 20 years, I can also say that I’m Canadian / Québécoise.

fisunI was born in a small village called Seferihisar on the Aegean coast of Turkey. My father is a true passionate about food, and he loves to make people eat until they’re so full that they beg him to stop putting food on their plates! My mother is a great home cook; she is creative, delicate and detail oriented. In my childhood, a typical day in our home started in the kitchen with a briefing from my father about what we would have for dinner. He had a small market in the village and since he was known for his love of food, farmers would bring their best products to him, and fishermen would bring their catch of the day, all alive. Small animals such as chicken or lamb were slaughtered in our yard by my grandmother or my father and butchered by my mother. Eggs and milk were still warm when they arrived home, fish still moved on the kitchen counter… I even remember my mother complaining one day that the artichokes were not tender enough because they were not picked the same day!

When I moved to the city for college, I was very surprised that people in big cities didn’t have access to fresh products easily. What shocked me the most was that every product I used to see alive and warm was now dead and frozen! Fortunately, I could go back to my parents every weekend to load my bag for the week and bring it back to my humble student apartment where I would cook for all my friends.

Although I started to cook professionally years later, my life was always food oriented. I studied in Economics and Finance while I served as an unofficial restaurant guide to my friends and family, since they knew that I was constantly searching for the best. After college, I traveled in Turkey to discover the regional specialties of the country, which are endless.

When I moved to Montreal with my daughter, I first studied in computer programming and worked for a few years as a computer programmer. After I realized the important part that food played in my life, I did a big U-turn and went to culinary school. I already had a catering company when my husband and my friends encouraged me to open a restaurant. After working in finance and computer programming, the third chapter of my life began. I was now Chef.

In this website, I want to write about a lot of things: my paradisiac childhood in the Aegean coast, recipes from traditional Turkish cuisine and recipes of my own interpretation, stories about my personal life, my experiences and my challenges as a wondering, caring, idealistic chef, being a restaurateur… Hopefully I’ll be able to share with you all of my passions.

Please feel free to contact me via an email at contact@fisunercan.com if you have any inquiries.

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Fisun Ercan

Photo © Mélanie Dusseault

  • Bonjour Fisun hanım, suite à une émission A la Di Stasio diffusée sur TV5 monde j’ai découvert votre parcours et votre travail. Française habitant à Istanbul depuis plus de 20 ans j’ai évidemment été séduite par votre cuisine que j’ai souhaité partager sur mon blog http://www.grenadelokum.com. Ce blog n’a pas de vocation commerciale juste échanger des coups de cœur.
    Si ce post ne vous convient pas je vous remercie de me l’indiquer et je le supprimerai. Je vous souhaite bcp de succès. Cordialement. Frédérique KıranReplyCancel

    • Fisun Ercan


      Merci pour vos bons mots! Je suis contente que vous participer les articles à propos de moi étant chef pour la cuisine Turque.

      Au plaisirReplyCancel

  • This was not only our first dinner in Montreal, but it was my birthday dinner. Thank you so much for your thoughtful and masterful food.

    My boyfriend (and business partner) made the arrangements. As the cab drove us further and further sway from our hotel in Old Montreal, I saw the BF begin to get nervous, afraid that the place wouldn’t meet my birthday expectations. That in itself was entertaining. However, once we stepped through the door, the experience (a true dining experience) began. We were greeted by one of your head servers. He was a true host. He sat us at the bar (we always prefer bar over table, more intimate). He guided us through the meal—observing—to make recommendations which would suit our taste in food and wine.

    Your food is masterful. It makes people feel welcome and loved. It is a refined homage to Turkish classics.The Beef Manti was like a hug. The appetizer board was an homage to the local produce. The fresh baked bread—the crispy crust and the elegant cloud texture of the inside—was a perfect vehicle for the dips. I crave a quart of the Turmeric Ice-cream right now, because it’s 90 degrees in NYC!

    And, let’s talk a little about your wine selection…WOW! The Cab Franc, from a small vineyard in Turkey with a hand drawn label was something I will treasure. Sean and I own a boutique design studio (we just designed a restaurant and a spa in NYC), so this little touch was beyond charming. I know we will never find that wine in the US, but something are meant to be cherished in a beautiful memory.

    Both Sean and I have been referencing the meal daily. We can’t wait to return. For now, I am going to see if your cook book is available on Amazon.

    Thank you (and your fantastic server) so much for an amazing birthday celebration. As much as I would love to keep your restaurant a well hidden secret, I would love to write a review. Is there anyplace you would like me to post it?

    Thank you so much!
    Anna + SeanReplyCancel

  • Cihan Demir

    Dear Fisun,

    It is a wonderful blog and very nice recipes. I have been working in the kitchen quiet very long time. Specialize in Italian Cusine. Both tradional and modern cuisine. I studied sociology at hacettepe university, master degree in international relations in Italy.Then guess what! I decided to go to Italian culinary school. That was the best decision I have made in my life. I moved to Italy long time ago. Then I met a wonderful woman, now she is my wife. She brought me here in Canada. I live in in kitchener. I work at perimeter institue
    black hole bistro, weekend I work at one of high end goalf club Plus I do my own catering( still trying to get some customers, growing very slowly!) I was very fascinating how you made this. Like you have farm, and restaurants. That was always my dream exactly the same. I was very happy to see some people from our land can make some differences out there. Is not like just making kebab, adana, or lahmacun,something more refined. And you have that. Wonderful. I am very afascinated with Ottoman cuisine. I have so many wonderful memories from Turkey. One day I wanted open Ottoman kitchen, and the name will the Pasha. Maybe it will never happen, but thinking about it makes you feel good. By the way I used to live in Manisa,Soma.I used to travel all around Egeo. It is very hard to forget. Thanks for sharing the recipes. My English is not great. I am sorry any mistakes occurs. I am sure it will! All the best.


    • Fisun Ercan

      Merhaba Cihan,

      Çok teşekkürler mesajın için. Anahtar kelime çok çalışmak :) umarım hayallerin istediğn gibi gerçekleşir. Başarılar diliyorumReplyCancel

  • Isabelle Ménard

    Bonjour Fisun,
    Je m’appelle Isabelle Ménard, je suis reporter culturelle à Toronto, pour Radio-Canada en français.
    J’aurais aimé faire une entrevue avec vous, suite à cette excellente nouvelle de votre participation à Iron Chef Canada.

    Est-ce que vous avez un quinzaine de minutes vers 13h aujourd’hui ou demain, le 13 août?

    Au plaisir d’avoir de vos nouvelles,
    Isabelle Menard
    514 926-6345ReplyCancel

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